Esther Priestley

About me....

I design & make jewellery in a little workshop in Sowerby, West Yorkshire.  

My work is inspired by the patterns and beauty in the natural world and I think I am most content when I'm outside in the countryside or in the garden, surrounded by creation. I often photograph the incredible shapes and patterns found in nature.

I really enjoy being creative and hope others get pleasure from wearing the pieces I make.

Oak Leaf Pendant

My Story ...

Making jewellery is a fairly recent adventure but I have always been interested in the world around me. At university I studied geography alongside primary education, moving to West Yorkshire to start my teaching career & never imagined I'd do anything else.  However in 2015 my husband died only a few weeks after we discovered he had cancer. Determined to move forwards and to live life to the full I began to rethink what to do. I decided to take a leap of faith and handed in my notice. & spent a year where I studied & put my well being first. 

During this time I completed an open university module in environmental studies,, volunteered for The National Trust at Hardcastle Crags and took part in several art courses, including workshops in both traditional silversmithing & using silver clay-discovering in the process something new that I loved. ......And so Esther Priestley Silver Jewellery began!

I enjoy working with silver clay and love the fact that it has so much potential for different techniques.  I'm continually developing my skills to use in to my work as you can see in my collections.

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Polishing the silver

The Process ...

Looking after our environment is important to me and I use eco-friendly products including recycled silver which has been ground down into tiny particles and made into precious metal clay. After coming up wtiht new designs I then begin to create each piece from silver clay.  During this stage the pieces can be shaped, moulded & textures added. This is the fun part of the process for me

Once dry the clay is fired in a kiln and the organic binder burns away, leaving solid silver behind.   It still feels a bit like magic!

Finally, the pieces are brushed and polished to get the shiny silver finish you see.