Limited Editions - Ready to post jewellery

Unlike the main collections, all these special limited editions are not easily recreated so (unless otherwise stated) you will receive the exact piece photographed.

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A statement solid silver piece pendant featuring a pretty dragonfly in the grasses and a red, lab created garnet
This organically shaped pendant features a dragonfly and has textures on both sides.
Hallmarked solid silver sterling ring with flower embellishment & gemstone detail made by hand and featuring an unusual wrap around design
Bracelet featuring a large handmade solid silver bead
Moonlit Mountains Teardrop pendant on cord
Dangly earrings made from pieces of quartz
Poppy seed heads, coated in layers of silver clay and fired in a kiln to make into designer, solid silver stud earrings
A solid silver pendant, circular in shape made using recycled silver and featuring a swirled texture, reminiscent of the natural patterns formed in Rotorua
Silver pendant with bubble texture & seaside inspired design featuring dichroic glass