Bespoke Pieces

To celebrate a special occasion then you may wish to commission a bespoke piece of jewellery.

Get in touch and we can discuss your ideas and the costs. 

Please allow  at least 4 weeks for bespoke or made to order products.

If you like one of my designs but would prefer it in a different shape or size then that also can be arranged.

Silver Leaf
Example image

Wedding Cufflinks

Cufflinks for the groom and his men at a wedding.  The father of the bride was a keen bee keeper, so we went for a hexagonal design..

Lizard footprint pendant

Silver Wedding Pendant

A silver wedding gift from a husband to his wife, created following a visit and several email discussions over ideas and interests.

Silver Dragonfly

Silver Dragonfly

A special silver pendant using a dragonfly brooch with special significance, as the starting point.  The textures on the back and front were created using the grasses and seeds in the field behind my garden.

Silver Brooch

Silver Brooch

This silver brooch was created using a mould created from fern leaves provided by the client.  They wanted to create a special present with a link to their home..