Looking after our planet underpins all i do, so the way I make my jewellery and run my business aims to leave as light a footprint as possible.

recycled silver

Each piece I make uses silver that has already had a past and it arrives with me ground down into tiny particles as silver clay.  During the clay stage the pieces can be shaped, moulded & have textures added. If I am not happy with my design at this stage then I grind up the piece and turn it back into silver clay - so nothing is wasted.

Any silver chains, earring hooks, jump rings etc that I buy are all made from 100% recycled sterling silver. This often costs more but I know that many customers chose to buy from me because they share this ethos.


I use small UK based companies to get all my packaging - they use recycled card in the gift boxes and cardboard mailers and everything I send in a parcel -apart from the foam inserts- can be put in your household recycling. 

However it is even better for the environment if you can reuse your boxes & envelopes rather than simply recycling them.

 I am looking to use only card inserts inside my boxes. 


My website is hosted on carbon neutral servers (through a small UK based firm called Create), my website should load quickly as you use it - to reduce the power needed by you. How sustainable is your website? Check here! 

Along with ensuring the materials I use are fairly and ethically sourced or 100% recycled, I use a 100% renewable, green energy tariff for all the workshop and office’s energy needs.