Silver Birch Trees

I love walking and spend a lot of time outdoors when I can.  I often see Silver Birch trees up on Norland Moor or at Blackwood Common, very near to home. There is something wonderful about being in the middle of a woodland. and it was the dappled sunlight glinting on some sbranches one day which created the inspiration behind the design  

Collection includes:


NZ West Coast

I have been lucky enough to visit family in New Zealand twice and on both occassions I  have been struck by the beauty of the landscapes whilst travelling & exploring. 

The Silver Fern seemed an iconic image so when I found a texture that replicated the the fronds I decided to try out these pieces.  Now each time I wear my dangly earrings I am reminded of my adventures

Collection includes:


Sea at Fistral Bay, Newquay

I love the coast and could spend hours just watching & listening to the waves.
A few years ago, on a holiday to Cornwall, I stayed near Fistral Bay in Newquay.  
During the day I enjoyed walks along the coast with my partner & dog but on a evening I often sat with a glass of wine watching the sun set over the surf!

Living miles inland I wanted to create some jewellery to remind me of the beach & so this design was inspired by my photographs of the waves and patterns on the rocks.

Collection includes


Forget-me-nots in my garden

In February 2020 I did an enamelling taster course and enjoyed the bold bright colours that could be produced. When national restrictions loomed I decided to purchase the equipment I would need to experiment further with enamel using my kiln at home - my lockdown project!

The adventure into colour really helped me survive that initial lockdown, providing a focus for creativity.  

I have continued to develop a range of more affordable jewellery, with sterling silver chains & earring hooks/studs but the largest part of the piece is always enamelled copper.

Collection includes:


Daisies in the lawn
  • Poppies -My Mum dried some poppy seed heads for me in her greenhouse and I painstakingly coated the tops of these in layers of silver clay, It took quite a while! Once in the kiln the seed head burnt away leaving behind the shape in solid silver, creating some rather special unique earrings & pins. .


  • Daisies -For me the daisy is a sign of summer.  I often leave them, together with any clover and buttercups growing in the lawn as it seems a shame to mow over such a delicate flower that the bees and insects enjoy! These pretty studs and small pins are a popular choice. 


  • Wildflower MeadowThe fields around home look beautiful when the wild flowers & grasses spring up in May & June.  I love to watch the butterflies in the field just over the wall. I am currently working on a new collection ...... watch this space, just a few initial design ideas so far as limited editions!