Limited Editions - Ready to post jewellery

Unlike the main collections, all these special limited editions are not easily recreated so (unless otherwise stated) you will receive the exact piece photographed.

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Solid silver Poppy Seed Head, mounted onto a sterling silver lapel pin
Handmade silver pendant with tiny silver flowers and leaves
A one- off pendant, so this is the only one made like it - circular, solid silver pendant featuring a glass centre, in peacock
Handmade chunky silver star pendant design for a modern eye catching statement piece
Handmade silver pendant with starfish and shells
Large silver earrings handmade from recycled silver, inspired by raindrops and splashes in puddles
Large unique silver statement earrings handmade from recycled silver
Large unique large silver statement earrings handmade from recycled silver
Long teardrop shaped silver earrings with a tulip design